Generate PDF Report missing

Hello there,

Been looking through various posts already, but no one seem to be about the same issue i have, or contain any solution.

So, as for my problem. For generating the reports in kibana, my only option is CSV. There should be a PDF option from what i can tell, which does not appear, neither in Discover, Visualization nor Dashboard.
I have tried manually adding xpack.reporting.enabled: true to the kibana.yml file and restarted kibana, but this didn't help.

I also installed the packages that was mentioned on the "Rporting Troubleshooting" page that deb distros need, without any success.

I am however able to set the footer of the PDF in the management section in kibana. and CSV reporting works just fine, it is only PDF that is missing.

So, does anyone know why the option for PDF Generation is missing?

I am using the Basic license on our own environment, but as far as i can tell, generating PDF report should work on basic license?

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@Snuffsis as you can see on listed on our licenses details page (, the PDF report is not available in the basic license.

Aaah of course.
I completely missed that part, thank you. :slight_smile:

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