Kibana Report limit lines in PDF

Hello guys!

I have the following problem:
I created a data table grouping by IP and the total number of lines exceeds 10K
When generating the report in PDF it creates only with 1 page limiting in 50 lines.

Is there any way to get him to generate the report with all the lines?

Thank you all

Hi @Tornis!

Unfortunately, this is a current limitation with our reports. (Mentioned in our troubleshooting guide.)

It's an issue we're working on but unfortunately it's not an easy fix so there's no current estimate for when it'll be resolved. Showing your support for this enhancement in Github helps us prioritize issues that we work on so I'd encourage you to do that if this is a feature you care about!

Here's the ticket we're using to track this work:

Ok Michail,

I have already requested support on github for this functionality. I think it would be important that this functionality was available for aggregate tables and that it was able to export to CSV as it does in the Discover function

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