How can I create PDF report if I have multiple pages in Data Table in Visualization?

I have one Data Table and It has pagination( suppose it has 200 records). Now I created PDF of that visualization, but its only showing me First page Records.
How can I see all the records of Data Table in PDF Report ?

Sorry nobody saw this for so long. Reporting is now part of the X-Pack bundle and most people are only looking at the X-Pack forum.

I'm sorry, but the current Reporting feature can't include the data on the other pages.

There is a new feature in the upcoming 6.0.0 release (beta2 is available now) (in the free Basic license level of the X-Pack plugin) that you could use to export data from Discover. But this is non-aggregated data compared to the Data Table visualization, so I'm not sure it would fit your needs.


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