Export Data from Kibana Discover Section


Is there any options available to export Data or generate Report from Discover Tab if the Data is looking something like this:

I want to export this Data Table in excel or PDF

Hi @PinkiMondal,

the X-Pack reporting feature can export the table as a pdf document. The next major version 6.0.0 will add the ability to export as a CSV file.

Right now Reporting feature is not creating PDF which has all Data displayed on that Page. It's creating report of only few records

Is there anything I need to configure?

Unfortunately not at this time, sorry. This is why we are introducing CSV export in 6.0.0, which will be able to include a significantly larger number of records.

In the meantime you can always inspect the query using the small arrow below the histogram and use it in a small script to fetch the same results as would be displayed in Kibana:

Thank You

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