Export Discovery to CSV as of 7.4

Trying to get updated information.

I have the option to export data in a visualization, but I do not have the option on the Discover page with results from a query. Is this a paid option and/or does it require the Reporting option in X-Pack to be enabled?

Again this is for a 7.4 cluster.

You need to have Reporting in order to avail CSV exports from dashboards: https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions


In case anyone else is looking for details. The subscriptions rahmi linked do mention CSV Exports. It is not clear where from exactly as I thought exporting from a visualiztion was a feature for a while whereas exporting from disovery page was not.

I do have a Basic license which I believe was setup once I started a cluster.

To get to the CSV Export on discovery you have to save your query then click on Share > CSV Reports. Once complete you should get a pop up notification in the lower right OR I believe you can go to Management > Reporting to retrieve it later.

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