Is it possible to customise Kibana reports?

Hi, I've been working on creation of Kibana reports and found that the data table gets cut off when I try to export Discover page as a report. This is because the area where the data table is shown on PDF is fixed and it is impossible to change the orientation of the report.
So, is it possible on Kibana to customise the template of PDF report?

Unfortunately there is currently no way to customize the template of the PDF report, and the poor formatting of saved search reports is a known issue. Coming out in 6.0 is CSV export which will replace the PDF export on the Discover tab, and will export all data. You can download the 6.0-alpha2 preview release to check it out.

Thank you for your information. CSV export must be better for Discover export. I'll try an alpha version on local environment. Thank you again.

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