Export & import Scripted fields

I know Scripted Fields are stored as a String in the Index Pattern Objects.
For sure I can just copy and paste it when I create a new one but it takes to much time or effort to do it that way.

Does anyone know a feature or a plugin or any other way to import and/or export the Scripted Fields?
Kibana or Elastic safes them somehow somewhere but I dont know how to safe them somewhere else.
In my job I creat a buch of them almost everyday. The possebility to save them external or to import them into a new index would be awesome.

Thanks for help

There aren't any that I know of, but a script could be written to do it.
Index patterns are stored in .kibana/index-pattern/{your_index_pattern_id}. Scripted fields are stored in the fields array, (along with all other fields).

I would try something like starting with one of the elasticsearch clients, pull down the index pattern data, append any scripted fields to the fields array, and send an update back to elasticsearch

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