Scripted fields backup

Dear colleagues.

i have index pattern with 20 scripted fields - each one is painless script formula.
Is there some method to save all of them kind of backup or to move to other ELStack 5.2.0 platform ?

or it is not Kibana but Elastic function ?

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would it be possible to calculate those values at index time ?

i don't think its possible to export them at this time, you can check this issue on github tracking it:

To calculate those values at index time is possible. it is working well.

Thank you for info re this kind of limitation. But what about my quesion re backup - is it possible and how to save my current configuration from GUI or etc ?

if you go to management -> saved objects you can export all saved objects. unfortunately that doesn't include scripted fields (but should).

Yes i know it ^^
There is no scripted fields to export - only search.dashboard,visualization are presented to export.
So i`m asking how to macke backup scripted fields of current index pattern configuration .

thats unfortunately not possible thru kibana at this moment.

Thank you. I see.
OK. Can i know where is the location/storage/path of this scripted fields ? maybe itis possible by manually ?

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