Export logs by splunk to logstash servers

We have a manage services running by another company which they only export application logs from splunk ( I don't know detail, and guess that's splunk forwarder). We don't allow to install any software on these manage service instance.

But in our business, we have logstash servers only. So can you give me some hints on how to received these logs in our logstash servers?

I search the input plugin (https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/logstash/current/input-plugins.html), splunk is not in the list.

Can it send the data to a TCP stream or a file? If so, LS can accept it.

Thanks, @warkolm.

Could you please provide detail on how to send data to a TCP stream or a file?

Any documents I can read?

You'd need to consult the Splunk docs for that.

sure. I will keep to dig it.