Export Metrics to csv


I have one dashboard with lot of different metrics (simple counts) and filters (time range and data list).
I would like to know the best way to export those values in a csv file with the correct filter.
I can't find any simple solutions, the visualization GET API doesn't seems to fit as I want to keep the filters that I set in my dashboard.

Hi @erloti , you mean to automatically download a CSV for each of your panels as in this screenshot right?

How do you envision that feature? like packing all different CSVs in a zip file or something like that?

That feature is not available, but if you can fill a feature request as a github issue with as much detail as possible the team can take a look.

My dahsboard is less complicated, it is composed of count metrics only.
Too bad this feature sdoesn't exist, I have found a workaroud by using get count api

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