Exporting search results from appsearch

Requirement: Export user's search results to excel/csv format.

What's the best method to export a user search results to csv/excel format? We are looking at appsearch and was wondering if there's any apis or plugins that we can exports the user's search result. Additionally, wondering performance issues / concerns for exporting data. Similar to how solr can export csv (Response Writers | Apache Solr Reference Guide 8.7).

Assuming we would need to use another plugin like logstash to export results? Csv output plugin | Logstash Reference [7.12] | Elastic or we would need to leverage appsearch App Search output plugin | Logstash Reference [7.12] | Elastic. I haven't played with the plugins enough to understand it's limitations such as size or how it would handle unstructured data like attachments (pdfs, powerpooints, etc..)