Extending APM Server stored fields

Hello ElasticFans,

this below question is how to category.

As of now, I have some application defined fields that I would like to be stored in the APM.
One can say that we can have spans / transactions etc. I do not want this to be stored in this way (may be this is the way but .. ).

These keys will help me to be able to identify end to end flow of request processing.

example: request_id is key. browser sends. http listener listens to it. then it goes 'n' number of grpc calls in the cluster or http calls outside the cluster and the returns back.
( all my grpc server and http servers use apm agent)

I would like this request id to be inherent part of apm-generated indices. I can technically put a search query in the APM screen / search field.. and my problem is almost solved.

What would be the best way?


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