Extent existing ElasticSearch instance to search content of 3rd party sources

I'm very new in elastic. The reason why I entered its world is due to the fact that nextcloud's Solr search app Nextant is abandoned and there is only Full text search with an ElasticSearch extension.

I'm wondering what is necessary to include 3rd party sources in nextcloud ElasticSearch instance?

I do have plenty of stuff in e.g. pocket what offers even an API. How can I make ElasticSearch search in pocket or other remote content. It is neccessary to develop an integrator as to be found in Elasticsearch Plugins and Integrations for e.g Drupal?
How would I make it happen that it indexes all my stuff stored there? So far, I've found only code snippets in the documentation what more or less adds e.g. documents manually.


Is there anyone out there who could give me some direction?

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