Extract a string from field Scripted field

I am working on Elastic Cloud v7.6. I have a index that contain a field contains a text like this

Status: 200-200 OK-OK
Content-Type=application/json; charset=utf-8

I want to create a new field with the errorMessage Text as I need to aggregate number of occurences group by this errorMessage.

I have tried regex in a scripted field but it didn't work
Scripted Field

if (doc['response'].value != null) { 
  def m = /."errorMessage":(.+),"responseCode"./.matcher(doc['response'].value); 
  if (m.find()) { return m.group(1) } 
  else { return "no match" } 
else { return "NULL"}

any suggestion either by scripted field or by Logstash if I can create a new index with the new field it will work for me for better search performance.

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