Extracting multiple schema and multiple tables data to Elasticsearch. And using spring data to form a join query

Hi Friends,

I have a problem extracting data from MySQL to Elasticsearch via Logstash.
1)Suppose I have two different schemas and one table in each of them. Now, we search data from those
tables using a LEFT OUTER JOIN query. How do we configure in the logstash config file.

Schema xyz --> Table1 ; Schema pqr --> Table2 ; two tables joined by a left outer join.
Please suggest ways to extract data from MySQL to elasticsearch using logstash.

  1. The other approach, I thought was to extract data from two different tables separately using two config files. Later we need to handle the join condition in our Spring Data and Elasticsearch code. But I am not sure how to do it in Spring data. Can you please suggest / help on this.

  2. I am reading many articles regarding Spring Data. But some articles suggest to use even jdbc river. Which is the best option to use in my case.?

Thank you in advance....

  1. Just write the query as you would normally in SQL and then add it to the LS config.
  2. I'm not familiar with Spring.
  3. Rivers are removed in 2.X, so I wouldn't bother.