Facets using field or script_field?

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I am trying to improve the performance of my faceted search requests and I
found something interesting: for the tests I was doing, changing the facet
term from:

"field": ""


"script_field": "doc[''].value"

made my query 8x faster. Later, in some tests, it reached 42x!. I didn't
understand it, but I was happy...
... and then, testing a particularly heavy query (the top facet has a count
of 995869), it went the other way round: the query was 2x slower.

So my question is: what is the difference? what should I use?

I've read that Elasticsearch loads all facets, so I tried preventing this
by copying the main query in a facet filter ("facet_filter": { "query":
<main_query> }), but it just gets worse.

The facet field is stored and my HQ plugin says there have been 0 field
evictions in a field cache of 488.7 mb.


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