Facets vs aggregations from lucene context

Hi elasticsearch, is there a difference between facets vs aggregation from lucene context? I like to read more about this technically if there is any documentation given.

Thank you.


You can read more on facets here and aggregations here.

Here's an overview though

Aggregations grew out of the facets module and the long experience of how users use it (and would like to use it) for real-time data analytics purposes. As such, it serves as the next generation replacement for the functionality we currently refer to as "faceting".

Facets provide a great way to aggregate data within a document set context. This context is defined by the executed query in combination with the different levels of filters that can be defined (filtered queries, top-level filters, and facet level filters). While powerful, their implementation is not designed from the ground up to support complex aggregations and is thus limited.
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okay, thank you. let's read into the code of aggregation to see how es call to the lucene library.