Facing issue in configuring Learn-to-rank ElasticSearch plugin demo

(Aamir Nakhwa) #1

I am trying to configure learning-to-rank (ltr) same demo on my machine as this one. I have installed ElasticSearch 5.4, python 3.6 (it include pip), request libraries and learning-to-rank plugin 0.1.1. "tmdb" index created and documents also exist in it and elasticsearch queries are working on it. But when I execute python train.py command, it generates following error.

Note: I am working on windows server.

Note: It's mentioned in error that elasticsearch can't recognize sltr but ltr plugin is installed.

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Linking to StackOverflow and not asking any question is not useful for anyone.

Please repost your topic, ask an actual question, give details, etc.

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Please don't post images of text as they are hardly readable and not searchable.

Instead paste the text and format it with </> icon. Check the preview window.

Make sure you restarted your nodes and check what you have when running GET _cat/plugins?v. You can share it here.

(Aamir Nakhwa) #6

I have installed elasticsearch as a service and I just restart (stop/start) it.
Now getting response from command http://localhost:9200/_nodes/_local/plugins?pretty=true

"plugins" : [
"name" : "ltr-query",
"version" : "0.1.1-es5.4.0",
"description" : "Learing to Rank Query w/ RankLib Models",
"classname" : "com.o19s.es.ltr.query.LtrQueryParserPlugin",
"has_native_controller" : false

(David Pilato) #7

I don't know. May be @softwaredoug can help?