Fade or blink event dots with time (on Maps)

I'd like to fade the dot of events as they age or blink when they happen.

Say I have a dot representing the location of a car as it is travelling through the country and leaving a 'trace' of fading dots behind.

Or I want to 'blink' once or twice when something of important happens on the map.

Are these achievable with some Kibana trickery?

You can use data driven styling and style fill color by your timestamp field. This will show older items as lighter shades and newer items as darker shapes.

You could create a scripted field to return the age of each feature and use a custom color ramp to style based on age.

Thank you, I somehow overlooked / couldn't google that part of the documentation. :slight_smile:

You could also use multiple layers

  • The top layer could use top hits to show the most recent location per track. You could style this with a bright color to stand out, like red.
  • The bottom layer could just be a standard documents layer and show more data styled in a lighter color to show the track trail.

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