Fail to send data to elastic unexpected EOF

Hi guys, we are shipping the logs to elastic public endpoint (internet) from go microservices using this modulule elastic, but we encounter this error:
1. "could not get index elastic unexpected EOF"
2. "fail to send data to elastic could not send data to elastic"
We frequently encounter this error when peak times occured. is it because heavy indexing during peaktime? Any idea why?

Did you resolve this in In_flight_request is too large and throw [circuit_breaking_exception] [parent] Data too large?

yes I have resolved that issues, I set jvm heap memory to 29gb and using IOPS SSD as suggested @Christian_Dahlqvist. because setting jvm heap to 31gb caused elastic data hot is not benefit from pointer compressed and lead to high usages of heap. The high usages of heap throws the circuit_breaking exception.

Ok, please don't create multiple topics on the same question in future :slight_smile:

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