Failed attempts to create a deployment

ECE 2.0.0
Failed attempts to create a deployment result in a failed cluster showing in the list of deployments that cannot be removed. The deployment shows the following status:
Deployment health issues:
Some instances in the deployment are unhealthy
The latest attempt to change the configuration failed

When looking at the ECE Cloud UI, the node appears under the allocator with a Red X and the version is showing 'v'. However, when logging into the OS on the allocator the node is not showing in the list of docker containers.

What was the failure in the deployment activity plan listed as?

There is annoying known bug with deployments that fail on their first plan ... to remove it you can either "reapply" that plan from the activity log (assuming we understand why it failed, and that it won't fail again), or

  • you can copy that plan (clipboard icon next to "reapply" button)
  • go into the advanced editor, set the size.value to 0 in the cluster_topology array and transient.plan_configuration.skip_snapshots to false, then save
  • once that "downscale" plan completes you can delete the cluster

That partially worked. Now when I select the cluster, it now shows "Deployment is stopped" with the following error:
"TypeError: Cannot read property 'plan' of null

I still do not have an option to delete the cluster

2.0 must have a new related UI bug, I'll get an issue raised so we can fix that - you can always fix these issues from the API:

curl -XPOST -u 'admin:PASS' 'localhost:12400/api/v1/clusters/elasticsearch/ID/_shutdown?skip_snapshot=true'
curl -XDELETE -u 'admin:PASS' 'localhost:12400/api/v1/clusters/elasticsearch/ID

(since you applied the downscale plan, you shouldn't need the first step)

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That helped very much. Thanks Alex

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