Failed to create outliear detection


I was trying to create a machine learning which is simply to identify a distinct record
Below is my data:

In my index, I have 20 documents, and 7 fields
Codenum is a keyword
A,B,C,V+,V-,P are boolean

only the first and second documents' C field and P field are different from the other 18 documents

my goal is to see if Elastic ML can identify that document 1 and document 2 is different from others

but I have encouter the following issue:

it says my data has no numeric value and data cannot have keyword, I am not sure how can fix it,
Can anyone help?

Outlier detection requires the field types to be either numeric or boolean.

Can you change the field Codenum from code-2 to 2 and set the field type accordingly? or is the 'code' portion of the value important in this scenario?

Hi @eMitch ,

Thanks for the reply.

The Codenum field is like an identifier for me to know which device has problem.
if getting rid of it, I think there would be a way to identifer which device has distinct pattern

Yea, that makes sense. I don't mean to remove the field. However, if you change the mapping to an integer, you can still filter on it as well as allow the ML to work properly.

Hi @eMitch,

I got your point, and I have a try. now it works as expected!


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