Failed to create report

I am not able to create any type (pdf, png, or csv) of reports in Kibana. The error message just states, "Failed to create report. Reporting task runner has not been initialized!"

I ran the reporting diagnostic tool which returned "All set! Everything looks good for reporting to function" even though I have multiple pending reporting in Stack Management > Reporting.

In kibana.yml I have xpack.reporting.roles.enabled: false. Although I am a superuser I went ahead and created and assigned my user to the custom_reporting_user as instructed here.

What might be causing this issue?

edit: I have only noticed this issue since upgrading to elastic 8.X...

Hi, can you provide your kibana.yml, with passwords and sensitive information edited out?

Can you provide the logs of the server starting up?

Do you have multiple instances of Kibana?

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I have the same problem. How do you resolve it?

Thank you!

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I have this issues, some solution?, I use elastic cloud, 8.2.3

Failed to create report
Reporting task runner has not been initialized!

    at fetch_Fetch.fetchResponse (
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Hello all, thanks for the engagement on this post.

We ended up opening a support case with elastic to investigate this and here are the findings.

We determined that the task manager was reporting as unhealthy because Kibana is under provisioned for our workload.

From the task manager health output, we looked at the following metrics: max_throughput_per_minute_per_kibana, avg_required_throughput_per_minute_per_kibana, result_frequency_percent_as_number.

Support recommended we scale out our Kibana servers according to these docs.

Hope this helps!

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