Failed to fit into the window for new Kibana dashboard after upgrade

We see this issue in new kibana Dashboard, I saved this dashboard as full screen and for some reason it's not fitting into screen. We need to click on to the expand arrow every time to fit into the screen, not sure if this is a bug in Version: 5.5.2

This is my Kibana Dashboard version: 5.5.2.

Expanding the panels should be temporary. You might want to edit the dashboard and drag the panel to make it larger and save.

Thanks @tylersmalley, I tried that but for some reason we need to click on expand button every time, this is not the case with old Kibana version.

Can you confirm you are switching to edit mode, re-arranging the panels and saving? Then after refreshing the panels return to their original orientation?

yes @tylersmalley I uploaded the pictures for your reference.


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