Failed To start elasticsearch with GCE cloud plugin

thank you, but initially i tried with discovery and it also didn't work.

So can you try again and paste all the logs?

they were deleted after i reinstall the newer version of ES


Did you try again with the new version?

i did not try gce discovery yet

i set gce discovery parameters
[2015-12-31 11:51:12,400][INFO ][node ] [es] stopping ...
[2015-12-31 11:51:12,409][INFO ][node ] [es] stopped
[2015-12-31 11:51:12,410][INFO ][node ] [es] closing ...
[2015-12-31 11:51:12,415][INFO ][node ] [es] closed
there is only stopping log no starting at all

What is you elasticsearch.yml? my-es ${HOSTNAME} es
cloud.gce.project_id: my-es us-central1-b
discovery.type: gce

Be careful with indentation.

Ah,yeah it was wrong. Now it is started