Failure: [lang_ident_neural_network] model could not find non-null numerical array named [embedding_vector]

I am running an inference processor for language identification on a text field (model ID: lang_ident_model_1).

  • The processor works when I test it with sample data using the _ingest REST endpoint with _simulate.

  • The processor also works on a short text field (an email subject) in my actual data, which I tested by reindexing the documents.

  • The processor fails on a longer text field (an email body) in my actual data. It has exactly the same text analyzers configured as the subject field and I can view it in Kibana and perform text search successfully. I captured the failure message in the pipeline and it reads:

[lang_ident_neural_network] model could not find non-null numerical array named [embedding_vector]

I am running Elasticsearch 7.12.0 on a two node cluster. The cluster looks healthy and I see no errors in the logs.
What could cause such a failure?

I just realised that the problem is probably with the way I am testing my pipeline.
I am reindexing from an existing index and the inference is failing on a text field that was excluded from _source in the original mapping.

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