False positive flag

Hello. We respectfully ask the removal of the false positive on our product DriverFinder.
It’s currently tagged as “Malicious (moderate Confidence)”

We've sent emails to info@endgame.com but didn't get any response, hence this post here.

Kindly note that DriverFinder is not bundled with any software, and does not offer any ads within the program. We have also undergone rigorous software industry certification and we’re currently Norton-whitelisted, and Appesteem-certified. Site is also a McAfee SECURE site.

As such, we respectfully ask that the detection be removed.

Site: https://driverfinderpro.com/
EULA: https://driverfinderpro.com/eula.php
Privacy Policy: https://driverfinderpro.com/privacy.php

Thank you and kind regards,
Diana McCord

Hi Diana - You should see an update to our engine which marks this benign within a couple weeks.



Hello Mark - thank you!
We'll keep an eye out for the update. Appreciate this.

Kind regards,
Diana McCord

Hello Mark - just wanted to follow up on this as I still see us being flagged on VT.


Thanks Diana, I looked into it and may have found a bug in a piece of the generation code which is causing that malicious label to stick around. Thanks for being patient as we work through it.

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