Feedback: Cases

Hello, its me again,

took a look at Cases, saw they are still in Beta, thought I'd share some feedback.

No option to lock a case
At the moment it is not possible to lock a case from other users. This can be helpful if you want to finish off investigation in a case and dont want other people to add comments to it.
This also signals other analysts that the case is being wrapped up.

Traceability can be improved
Its great that a new entry is being created in the case whenever a user edits a comment but if I could see it in the comments header it makes navigating the case much easier.
If we are picturing a heavily commented on case then scrolling down to the edit entry and all the way up to the edited entry can be a bit annoying.

This screenshot shows a comment that was edited by another user. With just looking at the comment itself I am unable to tell if it has been tampered with by another user. Simply changing the wording to "(edited x minutes ago by y)" would add a lot of convenience.

Closing a case leaves it open for new comments
Pretty much what it says. When I close a case I can still add comments. In my opinion a closed case should also be closed for comments to preserve its integrity. If another comment needs to be added the case should be re-opened.

Thanks a lot Madduck for all these feedback, and some are in the pipelines ;). However, I just want to add something that you might know or not, if you click image, this will bring you back to the original comment.


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