Feeling stupid - How to I recreate this kibana 3 chart

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Hi all,

I'm feeling really stupid. We have some really basic dashboards that are set up for Kibana 3 and for the life of me I can't figure out how to re-create them in kibana 4, despite much googling.

The dashboard I'm trying to re-create is as follows:


We find this really useful as a quick glance tells us if something odd is going on ( for instance those errors from 15:20 ). I've tried to re-create this in Kibana 4 but I have no idea how I can split the columns accurately.

Presumably I have to use the json input field to restrict it but the best I've got is this...


Which is basically broken as there are no logs with "level:error" in my data.

If anyone could help me out with an example I'd be very appreciative!

Thank you,


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I just figured it out.... For the next person who might find this...

To do this you need to

  • Create the X-Axis
  • Click the "Add sub-buckets" bar
  • Click Split Bar
  • Change sub aggregation to terms
  • Select the field ( in my case level.raw )
  • Click order ( in my case metric: Count )
  • Hit save


Although this only gets me half way there, as I now need to figure out how I can also show other fields than level.... although that might be best visualised differently..

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Thanks for updating us with your solution!

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