Recreating Kibana 3 dashboard in Kibana 4

I'm obviously missing something obvious, but I need a clue check on aisle 9.

In Kibana 3, I was able to make a dashboard with some graphs, and a table of data based on a subset of fields. I can't figure out how to make a dashboard like this in Kibana 4. Directing people to the discover tab is going to confuse my users, and it displays metadata fields I'd just assume filter out. How do I get this Kibana 3 behavior in Kibana 4 to put everything on one dashboard?

Of course, after I sent this, I found how to add searches to the dashboard. The saved search only shows 50 lines per page, with links to page 1 - 10, even though the discover tab is set to 500. Is there a way to define how many items per page, and number of pages, ala Kibana 3?

The search pages should adjust based on your "discover:sampleSize" setting , however I think you're stuck with 50 records per page.

I.e. You can change the number of pages , but not the number of records per page.