Fetch data from elastic search to java application

I am new to elasticsearch. I am building an application which uploads the resumes. Then I will fetch the resume of particular candidate using some filters like firstname, lastname etc. I am able to push my postgres data to the elasticsearch(can able to access it through browser URL. Also I have created indexes). I am able to fetch data from postgres to user interface. What I want is when i search it will search from elasticsearch . How do I achieve it.?

Can you please help me regarding this.

Thanks in advance.


Are you facing a particular problem or do you need a general direction? Have you already looked at the official Java client: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/client/java-rest/6.7/java-rest-high.html ?

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I want a general direction. I have installed elasticsearch,created indexes in it which consists my data from postgres db.(For each table created one index). Can able to access those indexes from browser using 9200 port. I am not getting how do I configure in my application so that my fetch will fetch data from elasticsearch instead of from db. I want to index document which is the resume document, which i am able to parse and store in postgres db. But how do I integrate it with my searchbox from UI with elasticsearch.?

I do have a sample project here:

Here is the search part in the service layer:

The search part in the DAO layer:

The Web part:


Thank you David Pilato, I will see the git hub code as a reference project.

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