Field aliases in search results


we have different suppliers for data that is imported into elastic. The suppliers use different field names, but some of them use the same type of data.
Supplier A:
last_seen: 2020_02_03

Supplier B:
date: 2020_02_03

We have one index for each supplier. To simplify the search and to achieve some harmonisation I created alias fields.
index A:
date_alias_field => last_seen
ip_alias_field => IP

index B:
date_alias_field => ip_address
ip_alias_field => ip_address

The search works very well:

GET /_search
  "query": {
    "query_string": {
      "query": "",
      "default_field": "ip_alias_field"

Now I want to use the alias fields, in this case the field "date_alias_field" for further steps in our process. But these are not output at all (because not part of "_source"). Is there a solution to get them?

ps: we use "query_string" because we have multiple alias fields and use wildcards (*), f.e. "default_field": "ip_alias*"


You can use a new fields API that accepts alias fields as well:

  "query": <your_query>,
  "fields": ["date_alias_field", "ip_alias_field"]

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