Field Level Change Notification

Hi All,

I am new to elasticsearch and I am looking for some help related to field
level change notifications. My actual requirement is to notify multiple
downstream applications regarding change in data of some columns (not the
change in document version). We have multiple downstream applications
pulling data from elasticsearch, so whenever there is a change in document
version we use to notify them but as lots of downstream applications are
there so we want to have notifications at a fine grained level i.e.
downstream applications should be notified only when there is a change in
those fields/columns that they need for their business.

I followed various links and suggestions like ShardsPluginsModule,
PercolateService, IndexingOperationListener , etc. but still can't find
some working example because I am not getting exactly where to plugin this
util and I am also not sure about relying on these suggestions for
distributed DC set-up. So I am requesting all the elasticsearch experts to
spare some time to help me.


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