Field mapping conflict on shrink index

Hi forum.

I'm experiencing a problem that has caught me by surprise... all of the sudden, kibana starts complaining I've got a conflicting field on my indexes.
The field is a classic bytes field, wich is suposed (and as far as I know is) integer (well, I set to INT on logstash grok patterns... and has worked to me since the early ELK 1.5)

Kibana complains my index logstash-webservers-000002 has long type 'bytes' field ... but shrink-webservers-000001 is text ....

Since I'm 'mixing' o my index bytes fileds from several logfiles (NGINX, Apache2, ICecast2...) , It could be that I'm getting leaked text byte fields ... but I's has been working fine till now.
On the other hand, I'm experimenting with ILM (I go t a default logstash-* index template, and a logstash-webservers-* template where I set the ILM policy) ... and , well it works!!! but ...

what's happenning here? ... Should I create a shrink-logstash-webservers-* template too?

Best regards

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