Field [] used in expression does not exist in mappings, even after creating…?


I am very new to both Elasticsearch and Kibana, which I am using for a current project. I have data coming in from an external source, and one of the fields I have in Discover of Kibana is 'clearancetime'. This field is either empty or has a timestamp in the following format:

January 22nd 2017, 00:00:00.000

I have scripted a field which uses the clearance time in a ternary statement. I think get an error in Discover that the field cleartime used in the expression does not exist in mappings. So I tried adding it via sense with the following PUT request:

PUT source*/_mappings/clearancetime
   "properties": {
      "data": {
          "type": "date"

I get back the response : { "acknowledge": true }

But I still get the same field does not exist in mapping error.

Any ideas?

ADDITIONAL ERROR INFORMATION: (sorry about the format)....

Error: Request to Elasticsearch failed: {"error":
"reason":"Field [clearancetime] used in expression does not exist in mappings"}],
"type":"search_phase_execution_exception","reason":"all shards failed",
"reason":{"type":"script_exception","reason":"Error during search with inline script 
[doc['clearancetime'].value > 0 ? doc['clearancetime'].value - doc['initialtime'].value : 0] using lang [expression]",
"reason":"Field [clearancetime] used in expression does not exist in mappings"}}}]}}

The scripted field called "duration" has the following ternary expression:

doc['clearancetime'].value > 0 ? doc['clearancetime'].value - doc['initialtime'].value : 0

Hi @informatico,

by executing the PUT request you described you are adding a mapping for the document type clearancetime to indices matching source* with one field called data of type date.

I guess what you intend to do is add a mapping for the document type (replace ${YOURDOCTYPE} with the proper value) containing the fields clearancetime and initialtime:

PUT source*/_mappings/${YOURDOCTYPE}
   "properties": {
      "clearancetime": {
          "type": "date"
      "initialtime": {
          "type": "date"

This worked! Thank you so much for your response.

This is a little off topic, but do you know how I can get the value in the duration field in a more informative format such as... 00:00:00. Currenlty I am getting a single long value in milliseconds.

I have tried adding
"format": "00:00:00"
under the type properties in the mapping... however this does not change anything.

I am using .value in the expression of my scripted fields, according to the documentaton this returns a value in milliseconds. So what are the alternatives?


You can customize the formatting of fields in Kibana using field formatters. It sounds like the Duration formatter could achieve what you're looking for.

Thanks for the response.

I should have mentioned that I'm restricted to Kibana 4.6.

Do you know of any alternatives in this case?

That is too bad. I would definitely recommend to update to Version 5 of the Elastic Stack if at all possible.

In the meantime you might be able to make due with a scripted field. Just keep in mind that these fields cannot be queried and can have a negative performance impact.

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