File and directory permissions for /var/log/elasticsearch that I set revert back whenever I reboot


I have a hobby flask web app running the Elasticsearch service.

I am running Ubuntu 19.10 and followed the official installation instructions.

I have had several issues where the service won't start after restarting my computer.
I've made it a habit every time I reboot to check whether the service is running by typing the following in my terminal:
curl -X GET "localhost:9200/?pretty"

Typically it is a file/directory permission issues in the /var/log/elasticsearch directory OR
the elasticsearch/ directory being deleted.

So after through reading various posts, I know how to manually fix each of those issues:
If the directory is deleted, I create the directory and also create a gc.log file and set the permission of the directory containing it to 755.

If it's a permission issue, I just change that same directory's permissions to 755.

In both cases I can get it to work again, but I want to know how to prevent these issues from happening and not have to manually do it each time I reboot.

Is it my OS reverting these changes or is it some Elasticsearch setting that i'm not aware of that is responsible?

Thanks in advance!

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