File beats not sending logs to logshatsh

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i know this might be upteenth time a similar kind of question is asked here , but even after refering all similar threads am not able to conclude what is the problem why my file beat is not harvesting the logs and send to logstash . may be am new to this thats why . but please community people help me in this.

i have a ELK server , and installed file beats in lient machine . beats hasto send log which it is not doing. any help will be greatly appricieated.

hi i did not understand what you posted , you mean this thread will be removed ?

How do you know beats is not sending the logs?
Could it be Logstash is not receiving the logs being sent?
You can redirect filebeat logs to stderr with
filebeat -e

Also, test filebeat with

filebeat test config

filebeat test output

Please include the following in all your questions.

  • Filebeat version
  • Operating System
  • Configuration
  • Any supporting information, such as debugging output, that will help us diagnose your problem.

Go to this page for your version and look at the troubleshooting section

you are rite , beats was sending the logs and logstash for some reason did not listen . but some how figured the problem now. there was a problem in the beats config yml also. under the path section there was only the directory path , i missed to put *.log.

after changing the configration and fxed the 5044 thing in logstash . now we are able to send logs. and logstash is listening. even we are able to see the logs in the kibana "discovery" . but now the problem is , little different . i might need another thread for that.
will tag you there if possible help. thanks a lot for responding..... really :slight_smile:

Nice! You're welcome for responding.

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