Filebeat 1.2.1 on ubuntu linux does not support kafka output

(kasi) #1

I have installed filebeat 1.2.1, when I start filebeat with kafka as the output I am seeing no outouts defined error message the followings is the filebeat config.

hosts: ["localhost:6667"]
topic: "log_1000"
client_id : "log_1000"

(kasi) #2

the format in the filebeat.yml is properly intended, here in the post it is not..

(Mark Walkom) #3

That version does not support kafka output -

(kasi) #4

Thanks, is 1.2.1 not the latest filebeat? then if not what is the latest version and what version of filebeat will support kafka on ubuntu?


(Mark Walkom) #5

That is the latest GA.
v5 supports it.

(system) #6