Filebeat 5.3.1 config_dir files needs 644 permissions?


i just spend a few ours on this topic. As far as i can see now, filebeat ignores files placed in the config_dir folder with 664 permission without any comment in the log file. Changing the permissions to 644 and restart filebeat works.

Is this a bug or a feature? Is there any way to disable the permission check?

Thanks in advance


There's a section on this in the docs. We should link to it from the config reload docs.

Yeah, thanks. That looks nice. It would be great to link that.

Unfortunately, there is no "Exiting: error loading config file" if the file permissions of the config files referenced in the "config_dir" folder have ther permission 664. The documentation only refers to the "master" config file.

It would be great if there would be also an exception in this case, or?


Yeah, I would expect a warning or error in the log file when the dynamic config file is ignored due to permissions issue. If there's no error message then that's a bug.

Can you check if you see this error in your logs:

Also can you open a Github issue about linking to the Config File Ownership and Permissions page.

Created an issue as there is nothing in the log:


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