Filebeat apache2 configuration

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Hi All,

I am just trying elastic cloud and want to forward my apache logs into the cloud. I am getting my website up and running using XAMPP

The installation location is at C:\AppServ

I try to enable apache2 module and edit the configuration to meet my apache2 logs location but the logs never shown on the dashboard

This is the configuration i made

  • module: apache2

Access logs

enabled: true
var.paths: ["C:\AppServ\Apache24\logs\access.log*"]

Error logs

enabled: true
var.paths: ["C:\AppServ\Apache24\logs\error.log*"]
I try to run \filebeat.exe setup but got this error

(Jaime Soriano) #2

Hi @cahlasem and welcome! :slight_smile:

As the path contains backslashes, they have to be enclosed between single quotes (var.paths: ['C:\AppServ\Apache24\logs\access.log*'] or escaped (with double backslash \\).

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Hi @jsoriano Thanks for your help, i think it works now because there is no error when i run filebeat setup. But in the Kibana Dashboard and Discover menu i do not see any logs coming in, i already triggered a lot of logs into my dummy website.
Where to check whether filebeat already sent the logs to the cloud or failed in reading the logs?

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You can check filebeat logs, there will appear any error. You can also see in the logs when filebeat starts reading a file on lines like:

INFO    log/harvester.go:228    Harvester started for file: C:\AppServ\Apache24\...

If you don't see any of these lines, check that the paths where apache is writing match the path you configured in var.paths.

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Now i can get it work, the next problem is that Kibana or Elastic ( i am not sure which one) changed my timestamp into their timezone like seen below. Where is the configuration to make elastic/kibana stick into my logs timestamp?

(Jaime Soriano) #6

You can use the var.convert_timezone option, that reads the local timezone and uses it to parse the timestamp in the logs and convert it to UTC.

(Wahyu Nuryanto) #7

Already set var.convert_timezone to true and in the kibana i got beat.timezone field is added, but the conversion to UTC is not made, i am running the latest elasticsearch, kibana and filebeat
Any additional configuration i missed?

Should i add var.convert_timezone in every modules that i enabled? i just tried in system modules only


(Jaime Soriano) #8

Kibana shows dates in the timezone of your browser by default, you can see the @timestamp value really stored in elasticsearch looking at the JSON tab.

You can change the timezone kibana uses with the dateFormat:tz setting in the Advanced Settings in the management tab.

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