Filebeat cannt connect to kibana

i try to setup filebeat on redhat
when i run the command "filebeat setup -e" i get error message "Exiting: error connecting to Kibana: fail to get the Kibana version ....."
i changed the kibana host name at filebeat.yml but it's still try to connect to http://localhost:5601
the line form filebeat.yml look like this
host: ""

this host accessible from outside .

Please anyone to help me and thanks in advance

Hi @matin44 Welcome to the communty.

Please post your entire filebeat.yml AND correctly format it by selecting the text and pressing the </> button..

From your unformatted text above we can not tell if it is properly formatted and it is kind of acting like it is not since it is ignoring the host field (not properly indented)

it should be indented...

  host: ""

hi @stephenb

Wow, you're right :slight_smile:
i did not notice about the indentation of the lines
now it is properly formatted and WORK !!

Thank you

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