Filebeat can't receive log from pfSense

Hi all, I'm trying to make filebeat receive pfsense syslog.
my filebeat.yml input part:

- type: syslog
    host: ""
  fields_under_root: true
    input.type: pfsense

My pfsense config:

It's connected as syslog show. But I can't find any log come from pfsense.

Please if you know how to resolve it please share with me.
Thanks & Regards

Hello, Had a similar issue when I setup my pfsense. Solved by setting the real ip of the host instead of Please try that and make sure your local fw allows udp on 9560. Grtz

Hi, a staff on elastic stack slask channel tell me to change into
My previous config is the pfsense IP

Is pfsense running on the host running filebeat?

If not, you could try set the ip of the host..

they are not on the same server
After changed into pfsense IP, I got the error on syslog
2020-05-24T18:02:29.737+0700#011ERROR#011[syslog]#011syslog/input.go:158#011Error starting the servererrorlisten udp bind: cannot assign requested address

When I use, I can see port 9560 listening. But when changed to, I dont see port 9560 on port running anymore

I use a visual syslog server on Windows and receive log but my ES server does not.

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