Filebeat Dashboard load

I am trying to get the Filebeat Dashboards loaded , but wont work the usual way.
Version ES/Kibana/Filebeat - 5.6.2

error loading /tmp/tmp858474757/beats-dashboards-5.6.2/
filebeat/5.x/dashboard/dfbb49f0-0a0f-11e7-8a62-2d05eaaac5cb.json: Failed to load /tmp/tmp858474757/beats-dashboards-5.6.2/filebeat/5.x/dashboard/dfbb49f0-0a0f-11e7-8a62-2d05eaaac5cb.json under /.kibana/dashboard/dfbb49f0-0a0f-11e7-8a62-2d05eaaac5cb: couldn't load json. Error: 404 Not Found. Response body: {"error":{"root_cause":
    {"type":"illegal_state_exception","reason":"trying to auto create mapping, but dynamic 
    mapping is disabled"}},"status":404}

Please help

This link: says that dynamic mapping is enabled by default. It also explains how to change this behaviour on an index or on just a specific object. What do your index options look like? Is dynamic set to true?

According to this link you only need to create your kibana index manually and with dynamic set to true if you set index.mapper.dynamic false previously

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