Filebeat detects file but keeps offset in 0


Hey, recently i had a problem with elasticsearch where all shards were with RED flag. So i deleted everything from ES, deleted registry of filebeat and restarted everything.

Right now the data is not being indexed in ES, i checked the registry file of filebeat and it shows all files opened but with offset as 0 in all files.

What can be causing this?

EDIT: Also there is no filebeat log file generated as before.


Dont know why but when i tried to run logstash directly from bin folder instead of running it as a service it worked. This is so weird.

EDIT: Back to square one, i reinstalled ES, LS and FileBeat, started working good, got to a moment where it stopped processing logs. Again, deleted everything, restarted and now back to not processing anything :frowning:

can someone please help me?

OK, so i found out that if i stop one specific filebeat prospector, everything works ok. This prospector in specific is harvesting a 5GB log file, any chance this is breaking ELK?

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Could you share your config file and some log outputs from filebeat? Which version os filebeat, ls, es are you using?


Filebeat 1.3
Logstash 1.4
ElasticSearch 2.4

Filebeat prospector config:

    - "/root/tracy/logs/*.out"
  input_type: log

    log_type: tracy

    pattern: '^Offset'
    negate: true
    match: after

Filebeat Log:
It doesnt even create a log file

Logstash config:

input {
            port => 5044
                    match => {"message" => "(?m)%{WORD:check} = %{NUMBER:offset2:int}, %{WORD} = %{WORD:topic2}, %{WORD} = %{WORD:source2}, %{WORD} = %{WORD:type2}, %{WORD} = %{GREEDYDATA:value2}"}
output {
                    hosts => [ "localhost:9200" ]
                    index => [ "tracy" ]

Logstash Log:

Sending logstash logs to /var/log/logstash/logstash.log.
{:timestamp=>"2016-11-17T00:11:50.044000+0000", :message=>"Pipeline main started"}


Ok, i found the problem.

I was sending the output to ElasticSearch and to a fileoutput, it was that that was slowing down everything.

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