Filebeat doesn't seem to be doing anything (new to this software) #321 #322

PeterV1982 commented 5 minutes ago

Follow up
somhow i don't know why
my code missed something
instead off

the actual code says

so the responce i got was useless :frowning:

Can you please do the following things:

  • Run filebeat with the flags -e -d "*" options and post the output here
  • Post the filebeat.yml config file here with the proper formatting so it is possible to review?

As a reference: Here was the initial question:

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Indirectly, this response helped me :wink:
I was trying to figure out why filebeat is not picking up my logs.
I'm running a POC with static logs.
Running in debug mode using above command helped me find that the logs were not getting harvested since the beat thought there are no changes to it.
touching the files and removing registry ensured that the files got picked in the next run.

Thanks so much :slight_smile: