Filebeat Multiline Messages Ingest Pipeline

I need some help getting a multiline message from Filebeat Autodiscover ingested into ElasticSearch via an Ingest Pipeline.

The messages are not correctly rendering in Kibana Discover, example:

The raw message (taken from the Filebeat logs in Debug mode) and shown here being used in Postman to simulate the pipeline looks like this:

The result of the Simulate action results in this:

Notice the double-backslash "\n"s in the output.

This is the GROK pattern I'm using (I got the GREEDYMULTILINE pattern from another question), this particular case is matching on the last pattern in the array:

"grok": {
            "field": "message",
            "patterns": [
            "pattern_definitions": {
                "CUSTOM_LEVEL": "(\\[)(%{DATA:TempLevel})(\\])",
                "FUNCTION_NAME": "(\\[function:)(%{DATA:FunctionName})(\\])",
                "JSON_CONTENT": "\\{.*\\}",
                "GREEDYDATAMULTILINE": "(.|\n)*"
            "trace_match": true

Can anyone help with this?

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