Filebeat NATS output

Is there anyone wanting to use NATS as output to Filebeat?

Specifically the NATS Streaming Server:

I have some experience with Kafka (and I would use Kafka if my attempt to use NATS fails), and I find the concept of streaming messages as well as keeping a log of them very powerful. Because NATS is super lightweight, I find it easy to install, test and maintain.

Is there anyone in the process of writing a NATS streaming output for Filebeat? Let me know, please. If not I'd be happy to give it a try writing one myself. How would you suggest to go about that?



@mtmk We don't have any short plans to add any new output to Filebeat, If you want you can also use redis as an output instead of kafka which is much easier to deploy.

Since beats are modular you should be able to fork the project and add a new output as a plugin.

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