Filebeat not receiving logs

Hi all,

I have setup filebeat on server, but filebeat is not receiving logs at all. my log file continuously generates logs and the directory where log file is present has drwxr-xr-x+ permission

I want to understand if its because of isFile(/var/lib/filebeat/registry) -> false
as shown in the image below?

filebeat export config gave me below result

I am trying this from past 2 days. did a lot of search but no clue till now of how to get this up and running.

Also, my data.json file is empty. can someone please suggest a way to fix this and also tell steps to restart filebeat from scratch? currently I am killing pid of filebeat and running filebeat -e -d "*" command to restart the filebeat and see its logs.


How did you installed Filebeat. Could you share the steps/resources you follow so as to try to replicate your environment?


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