Filebeat published syslogs aren't showing up in Kibana

I'm sending generated syslogs from kiwi syslog generator from one machine to another. Filebeat is expecting syslog input and receives them successfully. Filebeat log clearly states that events are being published.

But I can't find anything on Kibana Discover!

I'm filtering on the index pattern "filebeat-*" and haven't changed the indices on filebeat.yml. The filebeat config is extremely basic. Since the system is not connected outwards, all ports are default and no authentication is used. I'm using almost identical setup for winlogbeat and those events show up on Discover fault-free.

I'm guessing that I don't fully understand how to view data on Kibana, but I've followed the quick start guide and have been troubleshooting other posts that can't see published events. I still don't know what's up.

Help would be appreciated, even if it is just a link to another guide :slight_smile:

Solved it by myself.
I had first installed filebeat 7.15.1 when I needed 7.9.2.
These two filebeats clashed and cancelled each other out.
Deleted the 7.15.1 index in stack management->index management

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