Filebeat sonicwall module

Hi Everyone,

Can someone provide me with a SonicWall module sample config file for filebeat?
When I try to modify sonicwall.yml, the filebeat service crashes. when it is set to default comment state I am able to run the service.

Steps taken

  1. Installed Filebeat
  2. made a Syslog server to receive logs
  3. Syslog server is able to obtain logs
  4. SonicWALL module was enabled
  5. Configured filebeat.yml
  6. Enabled Dashboards
  7. SonicWall dashboard missing in kibana while other filebeat modules were populated
  8. Tried to edit sonicwall module yml - > crashes the filebeat service and unable to parse data.

Do I need a special xpack configuration? what step am I missing ?


Can you post the config you're trying? Can you post the errors from the log when it crashes?

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